Peacock Nails

IMG-20150102-WA0001                      IMG-20150102-WA0002

For the peacock nail art you will need the following:

  1. Maybelline Bold Gold Nail Polish
  2. Black Nail Polish
  3. White Nail Polish
  4. Maybelline Turquoise Blue Nail Polish
  5. Colorbar – Moss Rock Top coat
  6. Glittery golden Nail Polish
  7. Thin Nail art Brush
  8. Maybelline Clear Top coat


Step-1: Apply 2 neat coats of Maybelline Bold Gold Nail Polish.


Step-2: Take a thin Nail Art brush, dip it in black nail polish and make feather like strokes (as shown in the picture)


Step-3: Once the black feather part is done, clean the brush, dip it in Maybelline Turquoise Blue Nail Polish and fill in the area between the feather strokes.


Step-4: Let it dry.

Step-5: Now with toothpick or a hair pin, make white dots over the blue are you just filled.


Step-6: After this, apply a thin coat of Colorbar – Moss Rock Top coat just above the black feathery area.


Step-7: Once dried, make thin glittery golden strokes over the feather.


Step-8: Seal it with a top coat once the whole thing has dried up.

You are now all set to flaunt your nails 😉


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