How to make eyes look BIGGER!!

Hi Everyone

Big eyes are something desired by all of us and why not.. how mesmerizing they are. So here is a small attempt to make you all learn how to make your eyes look bigger 🙂

Simple makeup techniques can give new dimensions to your eyes, giving a bigger look.


Products Used for the eyes

download (1)

1. Maybelline quad – Copper Brown

2. MAC – Sushi Flower

3. Maybelline gel eyeliner – Black

4. Loreal mascara – Black

5. Deborah eye pencil – Beige

6. Individual Lashes




Step 1. Apply Eye shadows as shown

Step 2. Use Shadow no. 3 in the above image to line the lower lid, starting from the outer corner, reaching just around the center of the eye, in a thick-to-thin fashion.

Step 3. Use black liner to line the upper lid, make sure it is as close to the lashes and as thin as possible.

Extend it to both outer and inner ends, In-fact extending a little further (this will help elongate the length of the eye 😉 )

Step 4. Use individual lashes, place just 1 on the outer end of each eye. (This will elongate the length even more 😉 )

Step 5. Use white/ beige eye pencil to line the waterline.

Step 6. Apply mascara on upper and lower lashes.


Products for the lips


1. Lakme Plump & shine lip gloss – Pink Shine

2. Deborah Lip liner – Nude Pink

download (2)


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