DIY BB Cream


A foundation is not recommended for everyday use, that we all know. A BB cream can be a very good option to give the much needed coverage when opting an everyday base. Of course we have a wide variety of brands offering BB creams but I love the one made by me, the most.



DIY Cream Blush

DIY Cream-blush

A cream blush is one of my favorite product, it not only gives a more natural look, but is also more long lasting compared to a powder blush; and yes of-course it’s a great option for monsoons. If you don’t have one, you can do it yourself!


DIY Pressed Highlighter

pressed highlighter

I love DIYs! They are so much fun and end up giving you a product which is so much cheaper than what it’s sold for… and ofcourse with all the efforts that you put in, in making something all by yourself, makes it even more dear to you! I did a DIY this weekend where I used eye-shadow pigments and turned it into a highlighter and it turned out really amazing!