3 Steps To Classic Black & Gold Nails


Black and Gold is surely a classic combination and looks alluring on nails as well! You can achieve this in 3 simple steps




Tropical Nails

tropical nails 1

I have been so much in love with all the new shades I got from Nykaa (you can see all the shades HERE) that I look forward to changing my nail polish every other day! In order to pay respect to the shade on my nails, I try to stretch it for 4 days, after which my nails are scheduled to fiddle with one another and peal off the ends, and once that happens, my heart beat races, I start panting and won’t sit in peace until I reach out for my nail polish remover and quickly get rid of the chipped off nail polish (let me mention, It’s not the nail polish quality, but me and my obsession with seeing my nails freshly painted, causes the chipping)…